Water Treatment

Water Softners

If you live in London you will suffer from hard water caused by the lime content in the water. We are able to fit top quality water softeners which have numerous benefits and will help you get the most from your new bathroom as well as your existing appliances and central heating and hot water system. Many of today’s materials popular for bathroom fittings and tiles are made from natural stone and therefore cannot be cleaned with any acid based bathroom cleaners. Keeping lime scale to a minimum will prolong the beauty and life of your bathroom and shower as well as other appliances in your home;

Soft Water Benefits:

  • Reduced scale or water spots on showers screens and doors, no more blocked shower heads, no more white deposits on the shower tray.
  • Elimination of scale formation around the taps, showerheads and wastes
  • Elimination of damaging scale deposits on baths, keeping them looking shiny “as new” and easy to clean .
  • Clean bath water without scum. Just pure, simple and gentle water leaving your skin clean and silky smooth with no scale or scum blocking your pores.
  • Extended life of immersion heaters, shower pumps, water cylinders, boilers, washing machine and dishwasher: The scale lines the pipe work of such appliances and greatly reduces efficiency make them more expensive to run. There is no need to use expensive lime scale removers such as “Calgon” or salt in your dishwasher.
  • No more scale in kettles, coffee makers and other appliances: You will not only see but be able to taste the difference.
  • No more water pipes blocked from scale deposits, allowing better water flow with reduced water usage.

Reduce running and replacement costs

A Water Softener is designed to  stop scale forming immediately and  will even start to work on the scale already in your household plumbing, systematically dissolving it and removing it from the system leaving it in an "as new" condition.

Reduce your water heating bills, no scale means that all of your water is heated and all of it can be used, the scale stops the conduction of heat and slows down the time it takes to heat water.

Reduce cleaning time by half and the cost of cleaning products.

Reduce the use of aggressive and damaging acid based cleaning chemicals. Sinks, baths and showers will only need wiping with a mild detergent based cleaner. This is kinder to your skin and the environment.

Save on cleaning materials, washing up liquid, soaps, shampoo and conditioners, laundry powder (or liquid) and de-scaling products. Easier cleaning means less water is used as well as less cleaning products. Even in the hardest of water areas, you will be able to cut down the use of such products by at least half. You will no longer need to add salt to your dishwasher or fabric conditioner to your washing machine. You will both reduce costs and reduce the polluting impact of chemicals (and their plastic containers) on the environment.

Soft Water is soft on hair and skin, without hard water scale clogging pores and clinging to freshly washed hair things really do feel soft and cleaner. You will immediately ,notice the benefits from no "scum"  that clings on so stubbornly, leaving hair flat and dull and pores of the skin clogged. A Water Softener also has a great effect on Chlorine and its drying out effect preventing the skin from staying naturally moisturised.

Softened water and skin conditions.

There is an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence that suggests that softened water will help considerably in reducing flare ups and other problems associated with skin condition such as eczema. Many clients report that their eczema and “dry, itchy” skin conditions have cleared up once a water softener is installed. Water softeners eliminate the need for fabric conditioners and minimize the quantity of soap or shower gel required, less chemicals leads to less itching or allergic reactions.


Reverse osmosis purified drinking water systems

Unlike activated carbon filters and other filtration methods, reverse osmosis (RO) removes a wide range of contaminants from the water supply including organics, inorganic, bacteria and other particulate matter. Although RO water is not 100% pure - but it is the best you can get – and the taste is excellent and noticeable. Having your own purified water removes the need for use of “Brita” or other water filters and the need to buy bottled water, thus reducing the impact on the environment and your bank account.

How Reverse Osmosis water filters work

In an RO system water pressure is used to separate water into two streams.  One part is forced through the membrane and emerges through the unit as product water; the other simply flows through the unit to drain.  Unlike other filtration methods there is no accumulation of contaminants as these are continually washed away in the reject water.

The super fine membrane of an RO system is vital to its effectiveness.  There is usually an activated carbon pre-filter and a post filter to ‘polish’ the water.  As the filtered RO water is produced very slowly it is necessary to store the treated water in a small pressurised tank.  This is linked to a separate drinking tap, which can supply the filtered RO water as and when it is required.

Safer Water: Significant reduction in bacteria and organic materials

A good RO system can perform well over a long period of time and consistently removes 99% of bacteria.  It will also remove giardia cysts and the majority of viruses.  The system will also eliminate 90% of simple organics and 99% of large organic material. The RO system also removes metals from the water making it safer than tap water to drink.

Better Tasting Water

A reverse osmosis system is able to significantly improve the taste of your water and eliminate the “metallic” aftertaste of London’s tap water.  In a good system the dissolved oxygen in the incoming water supply penetrates the membrane at an equivalent rate to the water.  The filtered RO water should therefore have the same oxygen content.  This is significant since it is the oxygen in the water, which gives good taste and not the mineral content.  If oxygen is lacking the water can taste ‘flat’.

Fitting and Maintenance

An in-home RO system can be installed under a kitchen sink or in a garage or cupboard with easy access tio the drinking water supply..  In London, due to the hard water it is also advisable to use an RO unit in conjunction with a water softener.  Calcium is known to clog membranes and softened water will prolong the life of the system. The minimum water pressure required is 2.7 bar (40psi) and a small pump can be fitted to provide the correct incoming pressure if irequired.

As the flow of water across the membrane constantly keeps it clean, an RO unit requires little maintenance compared with the other point of use (POE) systems.  The unit should be disinfected or sanitised on installation and periodically to reduce the number of bacteria on the upstream side of the system.  Servicing is normally required annually.  Some pre and post filters may need to be replaced more often.  Service scheduling will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The reverse osmosis filtration process is an excellent way of removing most water contaminants.  The taste of good RO water is first class and will improve beverage mixes, ice cubes, cooking and baking.  RO water is known to enhance aromas and give rich flavours. You will notice the difference in the colour and taste of tea and coffee and many people report using less sugar or sweeteners as the bitterness caused by chemicals is removed.  As a drinking water it is comparable, if not better, than bottled water at a fraction of the cost.  If you are concerned about drinking water quality then an RO system will give you excellent purified water and peace of mind.

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